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Alamid Mix

Al-Ameed Mix is a coffee made from pure Arabica beans, which has a wonderful taste and is rich in aromatic oils. It is a coffee that does not have a bitter taste and flies you to a beautiful height of imagination.
And Plain from it including pure coffee without any spice additives for coffee lovers only, And Mohaoej cardamom and mastic are added to give the aromas and taste of spices to the coffee, which gives it a wonderful taste.

Model: 250
Elamid  Coffee Mohaoj 250 g..
Ex Tax:£150.00£
Model: 1000
Elamid Coffee Mohaoj 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£600.00£
Model: 500
Elamid Coffee Mohaoj 500 g..
Ex Tax:£300.00£
Model: 1000
Elamid Coffee Plain 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£560.00£
Model: 250
Elamid Coffee Plain 250 g..
Ex Tax:£140.00£
Model: 500
Elamid Coffee Plain 500 g..
Ex Tax:£280.00£
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