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The Brazilian coffee blend (Extra) consists of 80% Arabica beans rich in aromatic oils, and 20% of the caffeinated Robusta beans, which is for coffee lovers only.

And Mohaoje of it, we add cardamom and mastic are added to it to add the aroma of Essential spices to it, and it has a distinct taste and is rich in aromatic oils.

Model: 1000
Extra Coffee Mohaoj 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£480.00£
Model: 250
Extra Coffee Mohaoj 250 g..
Ex Tax:£120.00£
Model: 500
Extra Coffee Mohaoj 500 g..
Ex Tax:£240.00£
Model: 1000
Extra Coffee Plain 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£440.00£
Model: 250
Extra Coffee Plain 250 g..
Ex Tax:£110.00£
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