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Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian coffee is a combination of Robusta and Arbika beans, 
which is a combination of pure and dense coffee, which is for coffee lovers only. 
And also Mohaj, which has a dense texture and a wonderful taste scented with cardamom and mastic, which adds splendor to the taste.

Model: 1000
Barazilian Coffee Mohaoj 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£240.00£
Model: 250
Barazilian Coffee Mohaoj 250 g..
Ex Tax:£60.00£
Model: 500
Barazilian Coffee Mohaoj 500 g..
Ex Tax:£120.00£
Model: 1000
Brazilian Coffee Plain 1000 g..
Ex Tax:£220.00£
Model: 500
Brazilian Coffee Plain 500 g..
Ex Tax:£110.00£
Model: 500
Extra Coffee Plain 500 g..
Ex Tax:£220.00£
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