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Flores Indonesian

Indonesia is the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world, and with the perfect climate for growing coffee beans, it produces some of the world’s best coffee. Both a valuable commodity and a delicious  addiction for so many people, coffee has become an important part Indonesia’s economy.

Coffee from Flores is known to have a sweet chocolate flavour, floral and woody, with milder beans ideal for blends and the flavour of the stronger coffee beans, delicious on their own.

The Arabica bean produced in Flores is stronger in flavour and is prized within Indonesia, as well as all over the world, because it’s a strong coffee! It has a very distinctive flavour which the producers claim is due to the dry climate in that area which is sheltered from the seasonal winds and harsher weather.


Coffee aficionados attribute the exceptional flavour of Flores beans to its close proximity to the equator and the lush mountainous soil, perfect for coffee production. The Ngada district predominantly grows Arabica beans whereas the Robusta come from more outlying regions of the islands. Arabica is harvested from May to August and Robusta is harvested from July to September. After harvest, the beans are transported to various collection centres within villages that then blend and package the beans for export or domestic use.


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