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In 90’s The price of coffee plummeted in the , devastating coffee farms all over the Americas and bringing an end to Mexico’s national coffee trade organization. Co-ops were formed to pool resources, innovation was accepted as a way to distinguish Mexican coffee, and before long, Mexico was the #1 producer of Certified Organic coffee in the world.

These days, Mexico is the 10th largest coffee producer in the world. It’s also the #1 source of Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffe, Mexico, for the most part, has become an example of how innovation and skilled farming
The better specialty-grade Mexican coffees are akin to a good white wine: dry with a delicate body, a gentle sweetness and fruitiness, and an acidic snap to finish off the experience. As you go higher into the mountains of Chiapas, the coffees begin to rival the complexity and sweetness of the best Guatemalan coffees.
When you think of Mexican coffee, however, you probably think of a medium body, gentle sweetness, and earthy and spice flavor notes.
This is a common flavor range for commodity and lower-score specialty coffees, and it’s an excellent flavor profile for blending. Many specialty blends feature a low-note Mexican and a bright Ethiopian, for example, as a way to bring out flavors from both sides of the flavor spectrum.
Whether you see a Mexican coffee as a blend ingredient or as a single origin offering, you can be certain that it’s going to be pretty delicious.
Here’s your chance to try one of Mexico’s best offerings: our own Mexico Chiapas single origin coffee bean. Experience the smooth sweetness, light body, and crisp tang we love about Mexico’s best coffee beans.

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