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Guatemalan coffee farms are typically found at high elevations, often tucked into a mountainside or atop a plateau. Warm weather, a high amount of rainfall, and nutrient rich soils contribute to highly favorable growing conditions

Coffee beans from Guatemala are great because they can handle a wide range of roast styles. For those who like a lighter and brighter coffee, they can roast it light to medium and still get a full bodied coffee with some bright flavor notes.

Guatemalan coffee is generally known for being strong, moderate in acidity, full-bodied, and filled with delicious flavor. The secret behind this great flavor isn't necessarily about the plants themselves, but more so the environment where they're grown.
The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. a coffee that combines complex nuance (smoke, spice, flowers, occasionally chocolate) perhaps because they are more exposed to wet ocean weather, tend to display slightly softer,
 Coffee in Guatemala is grown at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, which explains its robust and distinctive flavour. Guatemala's unique growing region, with a mild subtropical climate, combined with nutrient-rich volcanic soil, create an ideal environment for growing some of the most delicious coffee beans in the market.
Coffee was introduced to the Guatemalan landscape in the mid-1700s, the industry began to take off. From the late 1800s to 2011, Guatemala was ranked as one of the world’s top 5 coffee producers and exporters in the world.
However, Guatemalan coffee should be on any coffee lover’s list of coffees to try. Each sip is worth your while and is sure to become a quick favorite for any coffee connoisseur

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