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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the best tasting coffee you can find on planet earth. People travel from far and wide to experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s beaches and savor our delicious foods, but it’s our world-renowned coffee that keeps them coming back for more. For those of you who may be unconvinced, here are just a few reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the best:
-       Costa Rica is the only country in the world where it is actually illegal to produce any type of coffee other than 100% Arabica—the highest quality of coffee beans. A law was passed in 1989 prohibiting the planting of low-quality beans, encouraging Costa Rican farmers to pursue true excellence.
-       Arabica coffee beans come from delicate plants that need specific climate conditions to thrive, including high altitude and mild temperatures. In Costa Rica, the mountainous regions and warm temperatures provide the perfect environment for growing the highest quality Arabica beans.
-       Costa coffee beans are picked by hand the secret to the best brews is not to rush the process. So when we pick our coffee beans, and only the ripest beans are picked and processed.
Costa Rica has not one, not two, but eight distinct regions that produce their own unique flavor of coffee. The country’s diverse climate leads to a huge variety of microclimates and humidity, all perfect for growing different varieties of coffee beans.

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